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Early Performance & Video Art
GL Sullivan

GL with pre-historic Video Camera...
Panasonic Black & White 1/2"  Reel to Reel Video Camera/Recorder

Amusement Park
Dania, Florida
1968 / 70

GL Sullivan as Tortuga Jack

Tortuga Jack with Miss Pirates World
1968 and 1969

GL as Pirate engaged in sword fight
* * * * * *
The Pirate Show:

Miss Pirates World is captured by Pirates and taken to the bridge
that leads to their hideout... they are attacked by rival Pirates and
a fierce battle to rescue her begins...



* * * * * *
GL hard at work as pirate Tortuga Jack...



Pirates Worlds Finest, Neil Sullivan and
Frank Saraseno, protecting the park...

University of Florida:
Gainesville, Florida
1969 / 1972

GL Sullivan as Fascist Pig...
Guerrilla Theater
Performance Art Piece
Twin Towers  Elevator
Gainesville, Florida
Fall 1969

Photos By John Hauver

"Looney Tunes on Thursday..."  Flyer
Performance Happening
with the Trader Tom Tranquility Stompers
and the Gainesville Hogtown Dance Troupe
Architecture & Fine Arts Classroom Building
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL

Ohio University:
Athens, Ohio
1972 / 74

"the Balloon Happenin'..."
performance by GL Sullivan
& a 16 mm film by Barry Mowat
the Intersection of Union & Court Street
Athens, Ohio

"Mitosis Series:  Knoxville, Tenn. 5/13/74..."
Tranquility Bus odometer changeover from
nines to zeros in Knoxville, Tenn...
Photo Mat Performance:  5/23/74

"Mitosis Series:  the Growth of a Beard..."
from 5/3/74 to 6/1/74 ... Photos every day
throughout the duration of the
"Graduate Sculpture Exhibition"
Self-portrait with Beard in Plastic Baggie...
Ellis Hall Gallery
Ohio University
Athens, Ohio

GL Sullivan as Bluesman Florida Flash
Appeared in the W. F. Blues Band and
the Cold Gyzym Blues Band
Athens, Ohio 1972/74

Progresso Plaza:
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
1974/ 76

"Grand Funk Sacrifice:  a Rock 'n Roll Iconoclast..."
Performance Piece when a Grand Funk Railroad
album was chopped up with an ax by GL and lit on fire...
Progresso Plaza Roof Top, Ft. Laud, FL

"Auto Horn Concerto..."  Sheet music...
Concerto written by GL Sullivan
Video Performance by a 13 Piece
Orchestra of Automobiles...
Miami-Dade North Community College

Fillmore South:
Hollywood, FL

Tyrone Slick                                    Eddie Sewage

? on Bass                                   Charlie Rat Turds
(Slick Sewage)
Live Video Performance of the Pubes
Performing the Music of
GL Sullivan & Robbie De Freitas
Tone Warehouse, Hialeah, FL

"QUIP Art Exchange..."
Live Satellite Telecommunication Media Performance
Between four cities:
Pembroke Pines, FL, New York City, NY,
Toronto, Canada and Los Angles, CA.

BCC South, Pembroke Pines, FL

Hollywood, Florida:

GL Sullivan as Bluesman Skippy Ray Milton
Appeared with various local Blues Bands...

"Free the '80 Hostage Beard..."
Video tape Performance
Hollywood, FL

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