Episode One:
Project Mercury...

The Seven Project Mercury Astronauts.

Astronaut Alan B. Shepard enters the "Freedom 7" capsule...

The Mercury 3 Flight Patch

Mercury-Redstone 3  Launch Vehicle

the Freedom 7 Space Capsule.

Mercury-Redstone 3:
May 5, 1061
Cape Canarval, Cocoa Beach, FL
Launch Vehicle:  Redstone (5)
Capsule: "Freedom 7"
Crew:  Alan B. Shepard, Jr.
Altitude:   116.5 miles
Range:   303 miles
Orbits:   0
0 days, 0 hours, 15 min., 28 seconds
Velocity:   Atlantic Ocean
Mission Objective:
Demonstrated that a vehicle can be controlled
during weightlessness and high G stress.

The flight...

The recovery...

Astronaut Alan B. Shepard and the "Freedom 7" capsule board the deck of the US Champlain after recovery.

President John F. Kennedy  presents a medal to Astronaut Alan B. Shepard for his historic flight.

Project Mercury Flights:
1)  Mercury-Redstone 3
May 5, 1961
Alan B. Shepard, Jr.
15 min., 28 sec.
Sub-orbital flight that successfully put
the first American in Space...
2)  Mercury-Redstone 4
July 21, 1961
Virgil I. Grissom
15 min., 37 sec.
Also, Sub-orbital, successful flight, but the
capsule sank shortly after splashdown...
3)  Mercury-Atlas 6
February 20, 1962
John H. Glenn, Jr.
4 hrs., 55 min., 23 sec.
Three orbit flight that placed the first American into orbit...
4)  Mercury-Atlas 7
May 24, 1962
M. Scott Carpenter
4 hrs., 56 min., 5 sec.
Confirmed the success of
Mercury-Atlas 6 by duplicating flight...
5)  Mercury-Atlas 8
October 3, 1962
Walter M. Schirra, Jr.
9 hrs., 13 min., 11 sec.
Six orbit engineering test flight...
6)  Mercury-Atlas 9
May 15-16, 1963
L. Gordon Cooper, Jr.
34 hrs., 19 min., 49 sec.
Last Mercury mission;  completed 22 orbits to
evaluate effects of one day in space...
7)   Flight number seven was canceled.
Emphasis was now shifted to the next
phase:   Project Gemini...


Episode Two:
Project Gemini...

The Gemini 4 Flight Patch

Gemini-Titan 4:

Gemini-Titan 4 capsule: with James A. McDivitt, Commander Edward H. White II, Pilot
July 3-7, 1965
Altitude:   296.1 km (159. Onm)
Inclination:   32.5 degrees
Orbits:   62
Duration:  4 days, 1 hour, 56 min, 12 seconds
Mission Objective: Evaluate effects of prolonged space flight (4 days) and demonstrate and evaluate the EVA (Extra Vehicular Activity) and control by use of HHMU (Hand Held Maneuver Unit) and tether.

Ed White's Glove goes into orbit...

Ed White was the first American Astronaut to walk in space...
(he left his Glove behind in space)

The recovery,  aircraft carrier USS Wasp...

President Lyndon B. Johnson congratulates Gemini 4  Astronauts McDivitt and White on their flight and historic EVA (Space Walk).


Episode Three:
Project Apollo...

Apollo 11  pre-launch countdown...

Apollo 11  Flight Patch

Neil Armstrong in the Command Module...

"Buzz" Aldrin  makes a sandwich in zero gravity conditions...

"the Eagle has landed..."

Apollo-Saturn 11:

Apollo-Saturn 11  with "Eagle"  capsule
Crew: Neil A. Armstrong, Command Module Pilot; Michael Collins, Lunar Module Pilot;  Edwin E. (Buzz) Aldrin Jr.
July 16-24, 1969
Altitude:   186 km x 183 km
Orbits:  30
Duration:   8 days, 3 hours, 18 min, 35 seconds
Lunar Location:   Sea of Tranquility
Lunar Cords:   .71 degrees North, 23.63 degrees west
Lunar Surface Stay Time:
21.6 hours
Lunar Orbit Time:   59.5 hours
Lunar Orbits:   30
LM ascent stage  left in Lunar Orbit
lunar material gathered:
20 kg (44 lb.)
Maximum distance from Earth:    389,645 km
Mission Objectives: Perform manned lunar landing and return mission safely...
Neil Armstrong  was the first American Astronaut to walk on the Moon...
"Buzz" Aldrin was the second...
July 20, 1969

President Richard M. Nixon and Secretary of State Henry Kisseniger await the recovery on the USS Hornet...
The recovery...

President Richard M. Nixon greets the Apollo 11  Astronauts on their return visit from the Moon.
July 24,  1969
Topps Man on the Moon Card #61

"2001 a Space Odyssey"
by Arthur C. Clarke
Scientists from the Clavius moon base take a look at the strange Monolith found at a near by excavation and had been hidden beneath the lunar surface for millions of years...
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